Vitamin C, Super Immunity Boost – $150

1 Liter of IV fluids with 5 grams of Vitamin C and 1000mg of Glutathione
Add an additional 5grams of Vitamin C for $50

Brightening IV: 1 Liter -$150

By the time we’re in our 30s we’ve done a lot of damage to our skin – tanning, smoking, pollution and poor diet can all contribute to cellular damage. All of these take a toll on our skin; it gets dryer and thinner, and we start seeing wrinkles, blotchiness and dark spots. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse.

Most of us begin to see dark spots and a general unevenness to our complexion. Fortuntely we can brightening up your skin with 1000mg of glutathione, 2,500mgs of Vitamin C, B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)

Here are a few benefits of a skin-lightening IV infusion:

  • Improved radiance; skin is glowing, supple and moisturized
  • Lighter skin
  • Removal of blemishes, scars, pigmentation and uneven skin tones
  • Increased collagen production and enhanced elasticity
  • Suppressed formation of acne
  • Enhanced immunity, reduced fatigue
  • Improved skin quality and texture
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

Myers Cocktail with Immunity Boost: 1 Liter – $175

All the amazing benefits of the Myers Cocktail with and 2500 mg Ascorbic acid, Mineral blend (Magnesium , Calcium, Zinc. Manganese, Copper, Selenium), 1000mg Gluathione

Recovery & Performance Boost : 1 Liter – $150

Feeling Tired, Exhausted, seeking to sculpt lean muscle Are your muscles failing to recover from the demands of your active lifestyle?

Recovery and performance IV which is blends of L-arginine, L-ornithine, and L-citruline designed, B vitamins, Vitamin C, and glutathione help your body recover faster and get you back to doing the things you enjoy. f B vitamins and amino acids enhance energy and metabolism, preserve lean body tissue, reduce body fat, and assist in protecting the liver from damage.

1L IV with Mineral blend (Magnesium , Calckium, Zinc. Manganese, Copper, Selenium), 2500 mg Vitamin C, B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6) and Amino B12 (glutamine, arginine, ornithine, lysine citruline, B12)

Normal Saline 1 Liter – $99