What is Vanquish?

Vanquish is a revolutionary radio-frequency (RF) device that selectively targets fat with fine-tuned heat energy. This is a safe and measurable cosmetic body treatment without the cost and recovery of surgery. Patients have universally reported high treatment satisfaction. Vanquish is FDA approved for deep-tissue heating, a known non-invasive fat reduction method for targeting fat, and has minimal side effects.

Vanquish is a first-of-its-kind non-surgical body treatment to “conquer the core”. It uses a new clinical approach of sub-cutaneous or deep tissue heating with selective radio frequency (RF) energy to target fat. Impressive and noticeable aesthetic results can be achieved on the problematic midsection area with 4 to 6 Vanquish treatment sessions, each lasting about 30-45 minutes that can be scheduled once a week.

For efficient functioning of the metabolic system, it is important that patients increase their water intake and are well hydrated before, during, and for 2 days post-treatment. Keeping hydrated helps the body eliminate the dead fat cells; the device kills fat cells themselves, not just the fat within cells. The results should be long lasting!

Vanquish is recommended for patients over the age of 21 who desire aesthetic body treatment without the cost and recovery of surgery. It is most efficacious for those up to about 20+ pounds overweight wishing to improve problem areas around the midsection where exercise and diet have plateaued. Treatment is extremely safe, quite comfortable and without downtime or significant side effects.

Comfortable and non-surgical treatment – no anesthesia, pain medication or downtime is required for treatment.

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BTL Vanquish

Do you find it tough to lose weight through diet and exercise? BTL Vanquish ME is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure for removing stubborn fat from various regions of the body in a series of quick and easy treatment sessions. You won’t need to stick to a rigorous diet following this therapy, and the results will be stunning.


What Is Vanquish ME?

BTL Aesthetics’ Vanquish ME, or Vanquish Maximum Energy is a body contouring procedure that removes undesirable fat without invasive surgery. The procedure employs a harness device that delivers radiofrequency energy to the target area in order to remove fat cells. The harness device in the treatment allows your session to be done without contacting your skin and provides for a larger area of treatment to be treated at one time.

Individuals with a BMI of more than 30 can also be treated with the device, thanks to the novel treatment strategy. Because of the unique harness device, this body contouring procedure is more efficient than other body contouring methods that employ similar technology to target fat cells. The treatment is also much safer & has less downtime than invasive surgical procedures like liposuction.


How Does Vanquish ME Work?

The BTL Vanquish utilizes radiofrequency energy to burn fat cells to 120 degrees Fahrenheit before totally destroying them. You will not be burned because the skin & tissue are monitored and kept at a pleasant 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Fat cells that are destroyed remain in your body until they are naturally metabolized. The lymphatic system serves to remove the body’s damaged fat cells as waste. This procedure would be undetectable and will have no harmful consequences.


How Is This Different Than Other Fat Reduction Treatments?

BTL Vanquish ME will help with weight loss, but the treatment’s main purpose is fat elimination. If your aim is weight loss rather than fat elimination, you may not experience the desired effects. You would lose some weight as a result of the treatment, but if you have a greater amount of fat eliminated, you may even drop some weight. Fat is light in comparison to other tissues such as muscle.

Liposuction or Surgery

BTL Vanquish’s non-invasive and non-surgical treatment might be an ideal alternative to liposuction & surgery. It significantly minimizes the risk and recovery time connected with tummy tuck & liposuction surgery. The procedure eliminates the need for anesthetics, sutures, incisions, & drainage.

BTL Vanquish is more equivalent to the outcomes of liposuction than the results of other radiofrequency fat removal procedures because it may be used on patients with higher than typical BMI ranges and can decrease fat by as much as 59 percent. The procedure is safe and comfortable for a wide range of individuals, and it is less invasive than liposuction & surgery.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

In most cases, more than one session will be required to achieve your desired result. Each session is personalized to your specific needs, with most patients requiring four sessions to achieve their goal. The treatment has the potential to remove up to 59 percent of body fat from the treatment region. Each session lasts 30 to 45 minutes, with less time spent treating a small area of the body and more time needed for treating a wider area of the body.


Who Is BTL Vanquish Recommended For?

You should be in good health & mentally prepared for a body contouring alteration before undergoing treatment. Since the gadget allows us to treat a wide range of body sizes, you may still be treated if your BMI is higher than usual. Regardless of your age, gender, or skin tone, you can be treated and achieve outstanding results. This non-invasive, non-surgical procedure reduces risk and recovery time, making it perfect for those who are hesitant to undergo surgery or liposuction.

The treatment is safe for the majority of patients, and we will ensure that it is effective for you specifically during an initial consultation & evaluation. In this consultation, we will examine your medical history and current health to see whether you have any allergies, recent surgeries, or pre-existing diseases that could interfere with your treatment. If you are pregnant or nursing, we do not recommend treatment. Individuals who have metal implants or devices should avoid treatment as well.


What Kind Of A Result Can I Expect After The Vanquish Procedure?

You might only need one session to achieve your body reshaping goals. Individuals frequently achieve their desired outcomes in four short sessions, depending on the quantity of fat removed. Each session takes 30 – 45 minutes to complete, and bigger portions of the body can be treated without significantly increasing treatment time. If you require more than one session, you should wait at least one week between sessions for the greatest effects.

Since the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells as waste, your results will appear in a natural time frame. After 2 – 3 weeks, you will notice a slimmer body. This can be useful because the benefits are gradual, and most people will not recognize you received therapy. As the cells are metabolized and excreted, your results will continue to improve for several months.


Are The Results Permanent?

Fat cells destroyed by treatment are entirely eliminated and will not renew or recover. Typically, people have no trouble keeping their body contouring results. Since it is not necessary to have regular treatments to keep the effects, you will not need to return for a touch-up after your treatment is over. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital for the greatest outcomes and the sustainability of your treatment results, but you will not need to follow a tight schedule.


How Does BTL Vanquish Compare To CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a popular fat-freezing body reshaping therapy. A doctor or specialist administers CoolSculpting using a portable device that makes contact with the skin. This ensures the device can only treat one part of the body at a time. Vanquish can treat huge portions of the body without contacting the skin or extending the treatment period. It is also more suited to those with a greater BMI than CoolSculpting permits.


Why Choose Coastal Medical Center For BTL Vanquish Treatment

In a world where looking youthful and vibrant is inevitably important, choosing a natural treatment that doesn’t just fill in existing wrinkles but actually promotes the body’s production of collagen is the right kind of investment in a brighter future. Looking younger and happier has never involved less discomfort and less time in the chair at an aesthetic center.

BTL Vanquish treatment has been recommended by researchers and clinical studies. It successfully provides the youthful look desired by Minimizing wrinkles, aging lines and restoring natural & lost volume in your skin. BTL Vanquish treatment has also been shown to produce better overall results compared to other procedures. Those seeking optimal results should consult the experts at Coastal Medical Center to discuss a treatment plan & goals today!