Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is blood plasma with concentrated platelets and other growth factors. The concentrated platelets found in PRP contain huge reservoirs of bioactive proteins, including growth factors and signaling proteins that are vital to initiate and accelerate tissue repair and regeneration. In response to an injury or tissue damage, your body naturally recruits platelets and white blood cells from the blood to initiate a healing response.

Under normal conditions, platelets store numerous growth factors which are released in response to signals from the injured tissue. Modern technology allows us to concentrate platelets from your blood, and induce this growth factor release as the solution is injected into injured tissue, simulating this same healing response in a more powerful form.

PRP’s most exciting feature is that it is YOUR body, YOUR blood and YOUR plasma. Nothing artificial, nothing modified and therefore is 100% safe. It is the most natural way of rejuvenating.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Our largest organ, and the one we see the most on a daily basis, is our skin. The deterioration of skin integrity is sometimes the first thing we notice and detest as we get older. There is a whole profession dedicated to maintaining the youthful appearance of the skin, including skincare products, skin rejuvenation therapies and technology, and, of course, the growing field of injectables such as wrinkle relaxants and fillers – Platelet Rich Plasma Injections.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment

Skin treatments have been talked about frequently lately. You’ve probably heard of chemical peels, Botox injections, and other facial treatments that are supposed to alleviate wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. There is also a relatively new facial treatment that is rapidly gaining popularity in the dermatological field called the Platelet Rich Plasma Injections or PRP treatment. This revolutionary process is not in any way like your traditional rejuvenation treatment, as it is 100 percent non-surgical.

The new Platelet Rich Plasma Injections treatment has been getting a lot of attention lately. If you have not heard of it, maybe you have heard of the vampire facelift, which is another name for it. While this procedure does not require surgery, it does help you look and feel like you spent thousands of dollars on the real thing.


What Are Plasma And What Are Platelets?

Plasma is the liquid component of blood; our red & white blood cells, as well as platelets, are suspended in plasma as they circulate throughout our bodies. Despite being 92 percent water, blood plasma fulfills several critical roles in our bodies. It keeps our blood pressure and volume stable, and it provides essential proteins for blood clotting and immunity.


What Is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) And What Are PRP Injections?

PRP is a concentration of protein growth factors that are actively secreted by platelets to initiate wound healing. PRP includes three blood proteins – fibrin, fibronectin, and vitronectin. The aim of the procedure is to stimulate and regenerate aged and damaged skin and hypodermal tissues.

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Injections fall into this category. This procedure uses our own cells for the rejuvenation of your skin. The procedure has been around since 2003, is safe, and typically provides great results in a healthy body. But always be mindful of the facility that administers these types of treatments.


How Do Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Work?

The practitioner collects your blood which is then spun in a centrifuge so as to separate out the platelet-rich plasma. The platelets are then injected back into your skin to stimulate new collagen growth. Once the plasma is collected – it can be injected into the skin in various ways. At Coastal Medical Center, practitioners are either injecting it or rolling it into the skin.


What Are The Purposes Of PRP Injections?

There are several vital reasons why you would choose this procedure over a traditional facelift or other options. Immediately, you will notice improved skin tone, clarity, and volume. If that is not enough, the injections do not cause large-scale bruising. A thin, watery fluid is put into the tissues, and that minimizes bruises and pain. Compared to many other cosmetic procedures, the pain is quite minimal. Not only that, but there are no other side effects and no downtime.

Another advantage is it is much more affordable than surgery. When you choose this procedure, there is no allergy testing required since it is your own blood that is being used to enhance your features. If there are other facial rejuvenation procedures you want, this can be combined with them.


Preparation And Care For PRP Injections?

Individuals are advised to discontinue the use of anti-inflammatory medications (Aleve, ibuprofen, aspirin) for one week prior to their injection. Individuals are also advised to rest, apply ice to the injection site, and take it easy for a few days. Anti-inflammatories continue to be a “no-no” for one week after the injection. Your physician will instruct you according to your own specific needs, but for most individuals, sports or heavy activity will be limited. Although very rare, you may be prescribed medication for pain after the procedure if needed.


Is PRP Treatment Effective?

The Platelet Rich Plasma Injections procedure is a relatively new method of skin rejuvenation. With that being said, the results are very positive! The vampire facial is a less invasive way to achieve a more youthful complexion. Speak with your dermatologist about these procedures and see if they have the ability to perform them. You may need to find another dermatologist to perform these treatments for you if your usual doctor has not yet gotten certified to perform the vampire facial. Coastal Medical Center offers comprehensive treatment with certified practitioners having years of experience.


What Are The Potential Side Effects Of Platelet Rich Plasma Injections?

PRP therapy has very few negative effects as compared to other forms of treatment. The most obvious is bruising at the injection site, which will fade in a few days. Since it is a non-surgical process and the individual’s own cells are employed, there are no major adverse effects.


Is PRP Treatment Safe?

While dermatologists have many unanswered issues, the technique is absolutely safe when performed by experienced, certified practitioners. You may experience some discomfort, bruising, & swelling as a result of the procedure. These usually go away after a few days. The most serious dangers arise from the way your blood is handled. It is critical that the blood extracted from your body remain sterile.

Otherwise, you risk contracting an illness. To ensure your safety, the facility should employ the same procedure that transfusion centers do to ensure that your own blood is put back into you. You could become terribly ill if you accidentally receive someone else’s blood. Coastal Medical Center offers comprehensive treatment with certified practitioners having years of experience.


PRP Injection Process

Platelets are found in everyone’s blood. PRP is a three-step treatment that requires your blood:

  • Drawn from your arm;
  • Placed into a device that separates the platelets from the rest of your blood;
  • Re injected into you – only the part of your blood that contains a high concentration of platelets.

PRP is used by orthopedic doctors to assist athletes in recovering faster after an injury. PRP is being studied in dermatology as a possible treatment for hair loss; PRP may also promote wound healing. PRP is being used by several dermatologists to offer people younger-looking skin.

Here’s what to expect if you have PRP to address indications of aging on your skin:

  • Blood is drawn – You would have a small amount of blood drawn from your arm.
  • Blood delivered to the lab – The vial containing your blood would be transferred in a centrifuge, a medical instrument that divides your blood into layers. One of these layers is densely packed with platelets.
  • Blood injected – Using a syringe or micro-needling, your dermatologist injects blood containing a high concentration of platelets into your face or scalp. Your dermatologist may also inject a filler to provide you with instant results.

The entire process takes 45 minutes to an hour. While PRP may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, several individuals have discovered that it can:

  • Plump up sagging skin;
  • Reduce wrinkles;
  • Get rid of deep creases;
  • Improve one’s complexion;
  • Diminish acne scars;
  • Another perk: There’s little to no downtime.


How Much Does PRP Cost?

Medical insurance does not cover the cost of PRP because it is used to improve a person’s appearance. In the United States, the cost of each therapy session is projected to range between $250 to $1,500 per treatment.


How Many PRP Injections Do You Need?

Researchers have found that most individuals who gain great results have three or more treatments. That means you’d have to go to your dermatologist’s office three or more times to have blood drawn, treated, and injected back into you. To give their patients more immediate results, some dermatologists inject a filler along with PRP. This allows an individual to see immediate results.


Does Insurance Cover PRP Injections?

Most do not cover PRP injections when used for aesthetic enhancements. If your carrier does not, you can self-pay your provider for Platelet Rich Plasma Injections treatment.


Who Can Have PRP Injections And Who Cannot?

Any individual can utilize Platelet Rich Plasma Injections treatment for aesthetic enhancements, especially for aging and skin rejuvenation. Also, adult patients with a history of tedonitis that have not responded to other treatments, whose symptoms are significant enough to consider surgery or repeat steroid injections, would be good candidates. Individuals who would not be suitable candidates are those taking blood thinners, who cannot stop taking anti-inflammatory medicines, those who cannot follow the prescribed rest and rehabilitation regimen after PRP injection.


Is This Too Good To Be True?

This is an FDA-approved procedure, so it’s not too good to be a true kind of thing. It is great for wrinkles and lines that have been brought on by natural aging. While a vampire facelift is not the answer to all types of wrinkles, it can help with many kinds, including thin areas in your face that have delicate lines. While it may sound like new technology, doctors have been using patient’s plasma to help for many years. These powerful cells have been helpful in healing soft tissue after plastic surgery and following spinal injuries as an aid in healing bone.


How Long Will PRP Last?

Results will depend on the individual. Typically though, 2 to 3 treatments will last up to 18 months.


Why Choose Coastal Medical Center For PRP Treatment

In a world where looking youthful and vibrant is inevitably important, choosing a natural treatment that doesn’t just fill in existing wrinkles but actually promotes the body’s production of collagen is the right kind of investment in a brighter future. Looking younger and happier has never involved less discomfort and less time in the chair at an aesthetic center.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections treatment has been recommended by researchers and clinical studies. It successfully provides the youthful look desired by Minimizing wrinkles, aging lines and restoring natural & lost volume in your skin. Platelet Rich Plasma Injections treatment has also been shown to produce better overall results compared to other derma fillers. Those seeking optimal results should consult the experts at Coastal Medical Center to discuss a treatment plan & goals today!