Radiesse is a dermal filler that is used to add volume to the mid and lower face. Radiesse can also be used to add volume to the back of the hand, creating a fuller look and eliminating discoloration, age spots, and popping veins. The injection consists of Calcium Hydroxylapatite.

Benefits of Radiesse for hands:

  • Restores natural and lost volume in your hands
  • Creates a more youthful appearance
  • Minimizing visibility of veins and tendons
  • Results in a smooth natural appearance

How does Radiesse work?

Radiesse is a filler injection that can be injected into the face or hands. After the Radiesse works in that, it allows your tissue to grow and sustain the volume that has been added by the injection.

How soon will I notice results?

You should see results immediately after the treatment. After about a week, go back to your doctor to evaluate your results or if there are areas that need to be corrected. after 3 months, you might need a touch up to extend the extend the longevity of the filler. You should continue seeing results for up to 12-18 months after treatment.

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A More Youthful You With Radiesse

Radiesse is a popular volume-increasing filler product used for cosmetic purposes across the country. People are familiar with the concept of volumizing as it relates to keeping hair fluffy and looking fabulous, but what about the skin and face? Sometimes, it’s not as obvious that certain factors of appearance, like wrinkles, are actually the result of lost volume elsewhere, making it more apparent when there are lines that stick out. Coastal Medical is one of the best Radiesse for Hands treatment centers in California.

The volumizing agent in hair might be an additional additive, like hairspray or mousse, but that agent is collagen in our skin. For those who are young, the collagen in place is flexible and full of volume, but this tends to fade and wear away over the years. This means less volume and more sagging, and it is in this state that wrinkles can form.


What Is Radiesse?

Radiesse is an FDA-approved dermal filler that is used to lift the volume of your facial skin. It consists of the calcium-based microspheres and gel that immediately restores the volume in hand & facial skin, giving it an immediate lift. But the even more important fact is that Coastal Medical’s Radiesse for Hands treatment forms a scaffold under the skin, providing its support and stimulates new collagen formation in the area.


What To Expect From Radiesse?

Radiesse is the first-ever bi-phased semi-permanent dermal filler product that uses calcium-based microsphere technology. The gel part of the filler replaces the volume and gives an immediate lift to your wrinkles, sunken depressions, and folds. The calcium microspheres stimulate your own natural collagen production, thus making the skin look fuller and giving it a healthy and youthful appearance for a long time.


Where On The Body Can Radiesse Be Used?

Radiesse can be used on a variety of body areas, including the cheeks, laugh lines around the mouth, lips, lip lines, and Radiesse for Hands. Radiesse can also be used to treat the pre-jowl fold and chin wrinkles.


Is Radiesse Painful?

Radiesse injections are very tolerable. Radiesse for Hands treatment & injections cause very mild, very temporary discomfort and feel similar to a slight pinching sensation and some pressure.


How Many Actual Treatments Do I Need Of Radiesse?

Radiesse is administered by a physician in the medical facility. A topical anesthetic can be applied to the injection area for greater injection comfort, and Radiesse is premixed with Lidocaine. It is injected subcutaneously into the layer directly under the dermis of your skin. The injection procedure is safe and essentially painless, causing some temporary redness and swelling at the injection site.

Some local bruising may occur as well but can easily be covered with makeup. The follow-up is usually scheduled two weeks after your first injection to determine a degree of correction, and additional treatment might be required at that time. To maintain the desired effect the treatments could be repeated at 9-12 months intervals.


What Should I Do or Actually Expect After My Radiesse Treatment?

There is practically no downtime with Radiesse for Hands treatment. Once you are injected with this dermal filler, you can continue with your regular routine. You may notice mild side effects like swelling, redness, discomfort, or pain, but these effects are usually short-lasting and do not require any special treatment.

Radiesse shows lifting effects on your skin within moments of the injection. Once Radiesse is fully in effect under your skin, it will remain effective for around a year, or even more in some patients. The duration of efficacy differs from patient to patient.


What Should I Know About Radiesse?

Most cosmetic procedures combine different dermal fillers together, along with other forms of treatment like Botox and laser resurfacing. Radiesse for Hands treatment is compatible with several other dermal fillers and can be used as part of an entirely cosmetic procedure.


What Are the Benefits and Radiesse Risks?

Radiesse works by being in tune with the body’s natural chemistry. Evidence of adding volume to accurately and safely contour, correct, and revamp your hand & facial features can be seen immediately. The benefits of Radiesse for Hands procedure don’t stop working over time. It is a process by which collagenases are commenced. This means that your body is stimulated to produce new collagen and grow around the injection area. It actually works naturally by helping the body produce its own cells.

Radiesse for Hands treatment is a standard process of contouring and augmentation of the face & hand. There are no real or serious side effects associated with this product. However, there may be certain injection-related side effects like mild swelling, tenderness, or bruising in the area. While these effects usually subside in a matter of hours, you should talk to your doctor if they continue or worsen.


How Long Does Radiesse Last?

Radiesse for Hands treatment is a convenient procedure. You can actually schedule your procedure during a lunch hour. You can return from a simple lunch hour looking and feeling years younger. The great thing about Radiesse is that its effects are long-lasting. Once Radiesse is fully in effect under your skin, it will remain effective for around a year, or even more in some patients. The duration of efficacy differs from patient to patient. Save time and money with Radiesse. If you wish to start looking younger and feel good about yourself, try Radiesse for Hands treatment today.


Why Choose Coastal Medical Center For Radiesse Treatment

In a world where looking youthful and vibrant is inevitably important, choosing a natural treatment that doesn’t just fill in existing wrinkles but actually promotes the body’s production of collagen is the right kind of investment in a brighter future. Looking younger and happier has never involved less discomfort and less time in the chair at an aesthetic center.

Radiesse for Hands treatment has been recommended by researchers and clinical studies. It successfully provides the youthful look desired by Minimizing the visibility of veins and tendons and restoring natural & lost volume in your hands. Radiesse for Hands treatment has also been shown to produce better overall results compared to other derma fillers. Those seeking optimal results need to consult the experts at Coastal Medical Center to discuss a treatment plan, goals, and ultimate expectations.